New propellants for hunting and shooting with rifled guns


Our new powders have been developed after a long and intensive research, updating and improving our traditional PEFL powders.    
Lower smoke level and carbon residue to simplify cleaning and maintenance work;

Reduction of unburned powder, through optimization of coating surface substances;

Improve of the burning, deflagration and primers response;

Optimization of the velocity of the deflagrations levels in the Burning Rate chart;

Better consistency in the different production batches;

Full and better use in the different gauges.
Do you want to know more about our powders?
From the beginning, PEFL powders gave us satisfying results both for hunting and shooting use, but they showed as well few limits. We worked to fix these flaws and obtain powders with more performing results.

We have worked on different aspects to improve the following features:

This is how our new powders born. Given that we improved completely PEFL powders, we have created a new reloading guide you can download in this page! 
Check the guide »


When the new powders will be available?
BP 01 Light Pistol, BP 02 Pistol, BP 06 Light Rifle and BP 07 Medium Rifle are already available. The others will be available from December 2017.

Which cartridges are mentioned in the guide?
Inside our guide, you will find reloading charts of the most popular calibers, for pistol and rifle, like: 32S&W Long; 9 Corto; 9x21; 38 Special; 40 S&W; 45 ACP; 222/223 Remington; 30/30 Winchester; 7,62x54 R; 8x57 JS; 9,3x62 and many more! 

I do not find any information for the reloading of my cartridge!
If the caliber you are interested in, is not present in our guide,  send us an email to: We will answer you as soon as possible!
Where i can find the Burning Rate comparative charts with other powders?
You can find the Burning Rate comparative chart inside our reloading guide!

I would like more technical information, whom should i address to?
If you need more information, after downloading our guide, please write us at:
Our technical department will reply you as soon as possible!

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Check our new reloading guide
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